Snooker Sites
World Snooker – Website of the governing body for Snooker
Pro Snooker Blog – Matt’s blog
Snooker Scene – Longest running Snooker magazine
Snooker Scene Blog – Dave Hendon’s blog for Snooker Scene
Snooker Island Forum – Forum for fans of the game
Cuestars – Organisers of grass-root tournaments in the South of England
On Cue – Gary’s blog
Snooker PRO – German Snooker site
Sharp Snooker – Australian supplier of cues and accessories


Operational Research
OR Society – Website of the Operational Research Society
Learn About OR – Introduction to Operational Research
Monte Carlo Simulation – Introduction to Monte Carlo methods


Arpad Elo – Biography of Arpad Elo who designed a system for rating chess players

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