Further Analysis

Further information about the points I have raised can be accessed from this page.

Latest additions:


16th September Prize Money Rankings
An initial assessment of World Snooker’s proposal to introduce a ranking system based on prize money for the 2014/15 season
29th January Will O’Sullivan stay in the Top 16?
How likely is it that Ronnie O’Sullivan will still be in the Top 16 after the Welsh Open?
21st January Tour Qualification through the Order of Merit
Which players are likely to qualify for the 2012/13 based on their position in the Order of Merit?


4th November How important is the length of a match?
Analysis looking at that players of different abilities will win a match, and how this depends on the length of the match.
5th October Analysis of Ranking Points – October 2011
Analysis of how players have accrued their ranking points as at October 2011.
16th August Analysis of Qualifiers
Analysis of the players who have qualified for recent ranking events.
3rd July Alternative Ranking System
A suggestion for changing the ranking system so that it offers greater rewards to players.
26th June Expected Ranking Points
Analysis of the current tour structure and ranking system, and the bias that is inherent in the system.
26th June Possible Structures of Qualifying Rounds
A discussion of alternative tournament structures that could be used.
20th June The Most Important Match of the Year
Analysis of the current ranking system and the points on offer in each match.

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