My blog posts will be listed on this page. My intention is that these posts will not go into too much technical detail, instead I will create separate pages to expand on some of the points raised.

Note that Tournament Reviews can now be accessed through the Calendar pages


Latest posts:


20th April World Championship Preview
My preview of the World Championship, with tentative predictions for who might do well.
7th March Flat Tournament Structures
World Snooker have announced that flat tournament structures will be introduced from next season. These are my thoughts on the potential impact of this decision.


7th October Qualifying for ranking events
With 15 out of 23 ranking tournaments being played outside of the UK, these are my thoughts on how the qualifying process for these events should adapt
16th September Snooker Season 2012/13
A discussion of changes to the structure of the professional tour for the 2012/13 and a look ahead to further changes in the pipeline
15th September SnookerAnalyst website – 2012/13
A summary of changes to the website for the 2012/13 season
14th April World Championship Qualifiers – Reflections
Reflections on the matches I watched from the penultimate qualifying round


2nd November New Snooker Rating System
Summary of player ratings following PTC8.
2nd October Ranking List v Seeding list
Clarification about terms used to refer to the official ranking list and the seeding lists used in tournaments.
4th September Wildcards
Do wildcards help leading amateurs, or do they just hinder lower ranked players in their bid to rise up the rankings?
17th August Starter Points
A look at the allocation of starter points to new players. Is there a better way of doing this to ensure that a player’s ranking is based purely on their performance in events?
27th July Australian Open Review: Bingham v Allen
Analysis of the Australian Open champion’s performance over the last 3 years compared against Mark Allen, his quarter final opponent.
3rd July A New Way Forward?
My proposal for changing the structure of the Professional Tour in order to embrace growing interest around the world.
13th June Professional Snooker Tour: Bright Future or False Dawn?
2010/11 has been a successful year for professional snooker but there are still aspects that need to be improved to ensure that the professional game has a bright future.

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