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My name is James Collingwood and I have created this site in order to present my analysis of the Professional Snooker Tour.

I have a background in Maths & Statistics, and more recently in Operational Research (OR).  Never heard of OR?  Don’t worry, most people haven’t.  OR is essentially:

The discipline of applying analytical methods to help make better decisions.

My simplistic view is that while Statistics can tell you about what has happened in the past, OR uses this as a basis for understanding how things work, and looks for ways of improving them in the future.  To learn more about OR I recommend the following site (Learn About OR).

I have played snooker for a number of years and participated in competitions run by Cuestars when I was younger.  I believe that the game provides an excellent test of decision-making skills and I really enjoy tackling the challenges that it presents.

Snooker has been in decline for a number of years and in the UK it has been too reliant on the image that drove its popularity during the 1980s and early 1990s.  I believe that the game has more to offer and with growing interest around the world there is an opportunity to increase the profile of the game once again.  I believe that my insights can help to ensure that the correct decisions are made in order to take advantage of this opportunity and not squander it.

Please contact me at james@snookeranalyst.com if you have any thoughts or suggestions about this site.

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